What i learnt from 2013!

When everyone are busy publishing their articles on 2014, i just thought i will publish my blog on 2013. After all, It is never too late.

And here is the list of things I learnt from 2013!

      1. Marriage isn’t as bad as people fear. As long as the couple take one problem at a time. But at times, it can be a pain in your backside
      2. Nothing pushes you as much as your deadlines. If you give your 100% everyday, go to sleep and also wake up with a purpose, even the complex of projects might look easy to accomplish.
      3. When executing a project, the number of to do items increases proportionally as we reach our deadlines nears.
      4. Next few years will be challenging for Manchester united fans
      5. You must be a genius if you can keep your family happy and achieve your dreams at the same time.
      6. Even though you don’t believe horoscope, it can screw your mind
      7. My wife means the world to me*
      8. There is nothing like waking up early in the morning
      9. Cancer or AIDS isn’t life threatening as laziness or procrastination. That being said, I love lazy nothing weekends
      10. Sunday evening is the time, i tell to myself. This is the week I am going to turn my life around
      11. Shopping is definitely a cure for a stressful day
      12. The more you plan your life, The more it screws you up
      13. The hulk monster still sleeps within me
      14. It is difficult to motivate oneself when you have philosophical ‘f’ed up mind that says what you do doesn’t matter at all when you die. But it should be nice to leave behind a legacy and be part of history
      15. Striking off, even the trivial of tasks from your to do list gives me immense satisfaction
      16. I will never know if to use a book or a app or a web app to manage my tasks. I think I will keep juggling this year too. 
      17. Women love watching “…and they happily lived ever after movies” and Men feel that it is a well spent 90 minutes with my wife.
      18. Miracles do happen. People do change
      19. Newton’s 3rd law applies to all facets of life
      20. Losing weight isn’t easy. But gaining weight is

    *Conditions apply.


    Respect the Cabbie

    I use the Cab facility provided by RBS group to commute to office, in more than one instance in the last few months I have been irked by the attitude of certain staffs availing the facility.

    It happened a few months back, where the staff wouldn’t respond to calls of Cabbie. The poor guy had waited for ten to fifteen minutes to no response. And he decided to skip that staff and arrived at my place ten minutes late. Mid way through to office, the Cabbie got a call, it was from the staff who missed the cab, I could hear the voice from other end, he was using a cheap handset. The staff was yelling at the driver for not waiting, he tried his best to be polite explaining his state – he called, he waited, he had other people to pick up and was answerable to Admin staffs for delay in reaching office. The person wouldn’t listen, after sometime I could hear another voice that started to threaten the Cabbie that he had to return back to pick up his wife, I couldn’t stop laughing at the plight of the cabbie, we were barely few hundred meters away of office.

    They were talking as if they were been insulted by the Cabbie, they even went to the extent of threatening to assault the driver. Losing patience, the driver asked them to speak to admin and cut the call. But he got calls repeatedly until we reached office.

    More recently, today, I tried reaching my cab driver, his line was engaged for more than fifteen minutes, assuming that he would be arriving shortly, I went to my point, the Cab had already come, I alighted and he was still on the phone. Again, the conversation was looking all but familiar. I could hear the driver requesting the staff to check with admin for a different cab as the stop wouldn’t fall into his route and the staff repeating that this was the allotted cab and would want this Cab only, and wouldn’t get in touch with admin people. The driver was in deep conversation that he lost his concentration completely; we even had a couple of close shaves.

    At one pick up point, he even started rolling the car even before one guy could get in. The conversion was endless with both parties repeating the same lines again. Finally, I could hear “There is no point talking to you, I will talk to the admin” from other end. For which the Cabbie replied “That’s what I am saying from first!”

    These are two different stories, but they force me to offer certain perspective.

    1. Yes it is the duty of the cabbie to wait and pick you up. But, he does his best. So let’s respect them for the work they do.
    2. No, it is not a dedicated Cab, you have to value the time of other staffs who use the Cab.
    3. It looks bad, when a person who is not associated with RBS group, speaks rules to the Cabbie.
    4. You, me and the Cabbie isn’t perfect with time. Each of us has made the other wait at some point of time. But just because he picks you up doesn’t mean you can command him.
    5. Don’t take it personal with the Cabbie, you are just another staff, he is just another Cab Driver.

    I do agree that few of the Cabbies who do get on your nerves, I am not talking about them. There are a lot of others who respect us, so let’s be courteous with them, at minimum. Respect the Cabbie, for the work he does!

    As I walked back….

    9.30 AM
    Today was the last day to submit my tax returns. I got stuck up in the midst of filling the online form. I called up my wife to ask for the piece of information I was looking for. Just after a couple of rings I remember that she was in a client meeting. I immediately cut the call. I had to wait for two more hours before I could file my tax returns. I had so many other things to work on!

    11.45 AM
    I called her up again. This she cut the call. Assuming that the meeting had over run I waited for her to return my call.

    12.30 PM
    I was waiting in queue for lunch; I thought I would give her a quick call to check if things were ok. Waa…This time she picked up the call. Phew! Finally I thought.

    “Two minutes I will call you back!” she said. Before I could reply I heard the beep.
    1.15 PM
    I was taking medication to speed up lung cancer. Guys around me were seriously discussing about the quality of the food served at the counter. I got involved for namesake as my mind was elsewhere.

    2.30 PM
    She called me up finally! I was relieved finally that I could get the details I wanted.
    “Hey sorry, I got stuck up in a load of work”
    “That’s ok” I said.
    “I know you aren’t completely ok…Just a sec…hold on…”
    “Can quickly mail me the details of meeting that we just attended” I heard a feeble noise on the other end.
    “I am so sorry. I will call you back in two minutes” She kept the phone down. Yet again she didn’t wait for my response.

    She called me up again. I picked up the phone before the first ring would end and started towards the lobby.
    “Hey I sorry again”
    “I said it’s Ok!”
    “I said sorry right! Can’t you talk properly?”
    “I am not angry! I am talking normally only, my throat is not clear” I tried clearing my throat which was already clear.

    “I never told that you were angry. Don’t pick up fight now. I already told you in morning, that I will be having a busy day at office”

    “Yes, you are busy and I am jobless”
    “Don’t do this every time” She pleaded.
    I got a second call, it was my manager. “I have work, we’ll talk later” I yelled and cut the call abruptly. This time I didn’t wait for her response, of course intentionally!

    As I walked back to my desk, I started to think. She was busy all day, which I was already aware off. I couldn’t wait. But, the moment I got some work to do, I slammed the phone down. I projected it as if the mistake was on her. But deep inside, I knew that I yelled not because I was angry with her, but I was angry with myself. I was angry because I realized my mistake but I didn’t have the courage to admit it or at least my ego would let me do it. That’s the reason I yelled.

    PS: I am still an eligible bachelor and the above story is completely fictional.


    Revolution 2020 – A quick review

    I am not an avid book reader. But I am always keen to read Mr.Chetan Bhagats’ book. Obviously, he is not the best author around, but his books keeps you engaged. You want to finish it at one shot!

    Revolution 2020 is another one of its kind. It has sufficient doze of love at adulthood, sex, family situations, friends, greed, guilt, dream, success, vengeance mixed in right composition and clichés tossed in generously to keep any reader engaged through the book. That being said, there are times when you find certain chapters dragging and many plots are predictable. Sir ensures that he fits in romance and sarcasm at the right places to divert reader’s attention from the boring chapters. Ahh! Yeah! How can his book not question/mock( however you want it) our “awesome” education system.

    Unlike other books, in exception on 3 Mistakes of my life, this book provides huge doze of politics which is obviously accompanied by corruption. I wonder if it just happened or probably Author and publisher timed their release, because with daily breaking (boring) news on Scams, readers could relate a lot to this book. After all, that is his USP, he ensures that readers relate themselves to the book – every one of us had crush, love, family problems, bribed, and so on…and each of his books has these.

    Although, light hearted through ought, the book offers many perspectives, it takes you down the memory lane of your one sided love, two sided love, for a few, three sided love as well  . It shows ways in which a person can come up in life, and throws up a question “How do you want to come up in life? The moral way or make hay while sun shines?” – A little food for thought.

    I see Chetan Baghat more as an IIM – A grad than a writer! That’s why he sells his book; he knows what the reader wants.

    It’ll make your day!

    We hear that little things make a difference, but how often do we feel it in our “so called” hectic day to day life! Today I did…

    I was waiting for my Cab, busy with one of my favorite pastime “people watching”. I saw a disabled – skinny leg and short leg – person, riding a balance wheel fitted scooty. It was a pretty old scooter. As he about to cross the junction, his bike broke and self-start wouldn’t work. I thought for a moment that I should help, but being a extremely unsocial animal I tried to avoid eye contact. But then saw him using his hand to kick start his scooter and still was struggling to get his scooter started. I finally decided to help him, and kick-started the bike. He said “Thanks Saar” and quickly moved.

    As I walked back to the pavement, I had sense of fulfillment that I might not even get on my payday. My deed was very small and simple, but it made my day.

    So whenever you get an opportunity to help strangers any little way, never hesitate just do it, It”ll make your day!

    As I conclude this blog, another thought pops-up, why do perfectly abled person find it difficult to help themselves, when a disabled person wants to take care of his own work or job?


    Effective Time Management

    Every corporate guy has a fetish for adjectives. He has to be, because it fishes him out of situations.

    One such adjective which I feel is misused most often is “Effective”. And most often “Effective” is related to planning time.

    “Effective Time Management” is most often the response from your superior when you provide ample justification for low productivity or for the failure to reach target. What people fail to understand, in the first place, is that they have set faulty expectations.

    Common Sense

    “Common Sense” is one aspect which most often people forget when they get into a position where they have authority to question people. When I say common sense – I am trying to refer to our failure to consider the innumerous disturbances that come up during work. The disturbance can be related to your work, Organizational activities, a friend might ask for a favor, a team mate ask some help, you wife calls up with some problem, your mother needs help in booking a ticket and so on. The list is endless.  You like it or not, you have to live with it. And when you live with it, you have to consider it!!

    Human Factor

    Although, the work hours in most places is 8 hours, most of us would agree with me that most often we do not spend 8 hours completely on work at a corporate? Yes there are people who spend more than 8 hours, Guys, I agree with you, shit happens!! I am not talking about you. I will try to discuss about you sometime later. So why can’t we dedicate 8 hours to work only? The Answer is simple – “We are Human” I have talked about Effective, Common Sense and Human Nature. But what am I trying to prove?

    Accepted “Effective” Time Management or Planning = Total work/8 hours

    This formula, which most of us use now, will work only under Ideal/Optimum condition. And Ideal/Optimum condition doesn’t exist when you talk about humans.  So, This term  “effective” Time management will leave us falling short of target, Every Single Time!!!

    Actual “Effective” Time Management or Planning = Total work/(8 hours – Time lost due to Human Factor– Time not considered due to lack of Common Sense)

    This revised formula will be the actually be the actual output. And this would help us meet our target, not always, but most often!!!

    And I think everyone will agree with me that “Most often yes” is better than “Every time No”

    What do you think???

    Pune Diary – June 18,2010

    Pune Diary

    June 18th, 2010

    It has been five days since I have come to Pune. I haven’t had any exciting experiences like I have had in the earlier trips. Things are going on pretty normal.

    In my previous visits I had wanted to write a daily diary on my daily life in Pune, the people I meet and my experience. Thanks to my lazy bum attitude, I have procrastinated things till my third visit.

    Again, this time around I thought I will start blogging from day. Not bad, I have started it on the fifth day. I hope I make this a habit.


    My misery with the Cab driver continues every day I find so much difficulty in telling the cabbie the location. It gets tougher, because I seriously don’t have a clue of location where I stay. I still continue to speak in single words to the cabbie, reading out all the building names I could see from the sixth floor of the block I live in.

    Oh yes, this time I had to travel in the train, I loved the journey, except for a small part, where I had to bear the constant nuisance created by two Brahmins, two men in their mid fifties.

    Who wouldn’t close their dirty mouth, all they did was gossip about their entire family, comment ill about all their relatives. I couldn’t stand their talks. As a matter of fact, they two were two fucking losers who hadn’t changed their jobs all life, working in a hopeless place for ages.

    A new kind of nuisance has started in office. People are referring to south Indians as black people. I just try to keep myself away from these conversations. Especially, when females, who color themselves with loads cosmetics, criticize south Indian as uncultured black people. I get very agitated. I felt like telling her that “Unless you don’t have a P*&^ p****y or a C**k, you are colored and you aren’t white”. I will probably do that the next time.

    The weekend has been good. I have watched quite a few movies.

    SCARFACE – Seen too many movies of this type. But hats off to Al Pacino for his incredible acting, especially his dialogue delivery.

    SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET – Okay Okay kind. Could have been made more gripping. But, the beauty of Tibet urges me to renounce everything I have and go on a pilgrimage.

    IT’S A GIRL BOY THING – The idea was good, the movie was ok

    MEET THE PARENTS – Have seen it already, but I can watch it any number of times.

    CRAZY HEART – Amazing movie. I fall in love these type of movies.

    HOT TUB TIME MACHINE – An average time pass movie. Love the Logule part.

    I have a few more to watch, the internet here is good, so I can download a few more as well.

    I am telling people that I have been working on a PHP application for a long time now, but I would put less number of hours on it than the number of people I have told about it.